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shelters, horse stables and day yards

Harsh summer sun. Cool winter winds and rain. The variability of the Australian climate means our animals need year round protection from the elements. But while the modern horse shelter needs to provide maximum shade, ventilation and drainage, it also needs to look good and fit the budget.   

Whether you have dozens of polo ponies or a handful of show ponies, we can design and build stallion yards, horse stables or pony paddocks that suit your property – and your budget.

horse stable design

Stallion Shelters
One of our most popular options, our stallion shelters provide your stallion with a large stable in their own paddock. With the ability to feature all the fittings of a traditional stable such as automatic water, lights, built-in feed bins, rug racks and double doors, they have the added advantage of keeping your stallions separate from other horses.

Open plan living
This is a great solution if you need to stable large numbers of horses. Featuring rows of stalls with solid half walls under one long roof, this design is well suited to properties in a warm climate.

If your horses need protection from their neighbours, the ‘open plan’ can be accessorised with custom-made bars between the stalls to reduce the horses’ access to each other.

Walk in, walk out shelters
Offering great flexibility for you and your horses, the traditional ‘walk in, walk out’ paddock shelter remains one of the most popular options.