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horse and equine fencing

A builder is often only as good as their supplier, which is why we place a great amount of effort into sourcing the best timber. Our timber is processed through sustainable forestry practices under the Sustainable Managed Forest Policy, alongside premium regrowth hardwood timbers from privately owned land.   

Reclaimed or recycled timber is also sourced from deconstructed buildings, bridges and wharves. And to give timber the exact look you’re after, our specialist suppliers can finish the timbers with a range of finishes from wire brushing and rough sawn to Dressed All Round (DAR).   
Originally a fine furniture maker and sculptor with a shop front in The Rocks, Giddiup director Hugh Parry-Okeden selects only the finest timber for each project. 

bespoke carpentry

Given its durability, strength, fire retardant qualities and termite resistance, our hardwood building timber of choice is Ironbark. With its beautiful rich colour and grain and premium attributes, Ironbark can be used internally or externally, and in or above the ground.

Bespoke cabinetry, stable doors and barn doors are a speciality of Giddiup. And while our hardwood carpentry is impressive, it’s the detail in our handmade hinges, latches and bolts that really set our work apart. We make the fittings and fixtures for our doors in our workshop, and they’re specially designed to support the extremely heavy nature of hardwood we use.   

We also use hardwood for cladding, post and rail fencing, flooring and furniture.