giddiup creations

Just some of the work Giddiup has done over the years


Taking inspiration from the classic American and European timber framed buildings, Giddiup has set about creating the ultimate barns in Australia with a focus on durability, aesthetic beauty, recycled materials and individual client customisation.

This fabulous timber often has its own interesting history and is notable for its magnificent size.



Entrances can also be commissioned and can be made from a range of materials. Commonly selected are timber and iron. All gates can be automated by either solar or electricity.

An onsite consultation will determine which is the best option for each location. Custom made gates are automated by fitting devise to them onsite.



Giddiup specialises in timber fencing and entrances and can provide many options including basic post and rail, traditional mortised styles, hardwood fencing such as garden picket fences, farm fencing and unique tailor-made designs.

Many options are also available regarding timber type, shape and size.


Shelters and Day Yards

The Australian climate means our animals need protection from the sun as well as the wind and rain.

The modern horse shelter needs to provide maximum shade, ventilation and drainage as well as look good and fit the budget.


Stable Complexes

Each stable complex is unique and the design can vary as a response to climate, budget and personal taste.

A range of building materials are utilised, including timber, stone and steel. Giddiup projects often feature beautiful hardwood paneling, rolled timber edges and detailed iron work.


Property Design and services

In consultation with clients, Giddiup can help with property design and layout. Noting that in addition to years of experience and a good design eye, decisions need to be made around the natural lie of the land, budget, council restrictions and desired aesthetics. Plans and architectural drawings can be commissioned for building, landscaping and services.


Residential Design

Home decoration and full interior design services are available including renovations and new builds. Other services include cabinetry design, colour selection, furniture and fixture selections, floor coverings and styling.


Commercial Design

Giddiup has recently expanded into a number of commercial hospitality projects. Whilst each commission is individual, the styling is largely rustic and industrial with a focus on natural timbers and recycled materials.


unique custom designs

What sets Giddiup apart is the custom made component, this is just a selection of some of the finer detail's of Giddiup's Creations.